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Alexandria Hershman

Clinical Licensed Therapist
“Alexandria has helped me navigate a number of complex issues, especially related to past addictions and family relationships. I’m forever grateful for her expertise, which has allowed me to develop a much healthier sense of self."



In individual therapy, you can expect a confidential and supportive space to discuss your personal concerns and challenges. Alexandria will listen actively, help you explore your thoughts and emotions, and work with you to gain insight into your behaviors and patterns. Together, you'll set goals, develop coping strategies, and work towards personal growth and healing. Alexandria will use various therapeutic approaches tailored to your needs, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, or mindfulness techniques. The focus is on your individual well-being and addressing the issues you bring to the sessions.



In couples therapy, you can expect a safe and structured environment where you and your partner can openly discuss your relationship issues. Alexandria will facilitate conversations, help you both understand each other's perspectives, teach communication skills, and provide tools to work through conflicts. You'll work collaboratively to identify patterns, set goals, and develop strategies to improve your relationship. The specific approach may vary based on what Alexandria feels is most appropriate for the needs of the couple.



In family therapy, you can expect a collaborative and inclusive approach that involves multiple family members working together. Alexandria will create a safe environment for open communication and exploration of family dynamics. Family members will have the opportunity to share their perspectives, feelings, and concerns. Alexandria will help identify patterns of interaction, address conflicts, and facilitate healthier communication and problem-solving strategies. The goal is to improve relationships within the family, enhance understanding, and create a more harmonious and supportive family unit. 

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I use the online space in a positive way to make mental health more accessible for all. Through various techniques we will work together to address, understand and work towards finding solutions to any of life's hardships and obstacles.  




Relational Issues 

Postpartum Depression 


Alcohol Use

Coping Skills


Peer Relationships

Self Esteem


Substance Use

About me

My name is Alexandria Hershman and I am a licensed clinical therapist that has been practicing for over nine years. I have always had a strong desire to help others, which has continued into my practice and the passion I have for the health and wellbeing of my clients. I work to create a safe environment for clients both new to therapy or continuing to practice. My mission is to make mental health services more accessible through an online platform. 

Getting Help

The new life skills you gain from therapy will help you manage symptoms, stress, and face challenges more confidently. You will be better equipped to manage life transitions in a positive manner, and your improved self-esteem, and self-worth will help you to establish relationships that are genuine, and authentic.




Self Esteem




Anger Management



Individual Session

$175+ per 45 minutes

Couples Session

$250+ per 60 minutes

Family Session

$250+ per 60 minutes

*Out of network insurance accepted.

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