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How would you describe your experience

working with Alexandria as your therapist?

"My experience with Allie has been nothing short of amazing. I was at a really low point starting with her in March 2022 and with her consistent help, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I finally have the mental clearance that I was searching for, where I can process my thoughts before reacting but also validate my thoughts as well. I have been consistent with our sessions for over a year and we are finally at a point where I can move to monthly sessions as a check-in basis. I could not recommend this enough! The effort she puts into her work and continuing education just shows how much she cares about her passion as a therapist and what she can provide. Words cannot describe what therapy with Allie has done for my life. I will forever be grateful for her!"

"Alexandria has helped me clam my mind while dealing with chronic pain. Together we have come up with rituals and schedules that help me stay on track and make my life more enjoyable."

"My experience with Alexandria is great. She is very supportive but also gives me a great perspective with a healthier approach to cope with my issues. I love that she can relate to and understand the importance of my personal fitness in relation to my healing process."

"Alexandria has been a joy to work with. I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds through our work together, and I’m excited to see what the future holds."

Are there specific situations in your life that you

feel Alexandria has helped you work through?

"I came to Alexandria to get help with managing my chronic pain. After treating with Alexandria for a few months I suffered a very traumatic family loss. Chronic pain can often be heightened in times an emotional stress and I am glad Alexandria has been there to guide me on a wellness journey."

"I feel like I can manage some of my PTSD better than in the past. Allie provided me with tools so that I can manage emotional aspects of trauma so they aren’t so disruptive to my daily life."

"Alexandria has helped me navigate a number of complex issues, especially related to past addictions and family relationships. I’m forever grateful for her expertise, which has allowed me to develop a much healthier sense of self."

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